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A Walk in the Park Geelong
Sunday 1 May 2022

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As the coronavirus pandemic continued to impact the community; to ensure the safety of participants and our Parkinson’s community, A Walk in the Park Geelong 2021 went virtual.  We encouraged people to take a 2km walk around thier neighbourhood on Sunday 12 September 2021.

A Walk in the Park aims to provide an opportunity for people living in Geelong, the Bellarine and the Surf Coast show their support and to raise awareness and vital funds to support those living with Parkinson’s.  


There are 27,000 people in Victoria living with Parkinson’s.  We want to acknowledge them and increase awareness of Parkinson’s as well as raise money to support the invaluable work that Parkinson’s Victoria do.

At A Walk in the Park Geelong we want people to know that there is a supportive community to share your journey – we are all in this together and you and your family don’t have to face your Parkinson’s journey alone.

This year you can buy a limited edition beanie, cap or face mask or one of our 2019 t-shirts to show your support while you are out walking.

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Parkinson's Victoria

Parkinson’s Victoria is a leading not-for-profit focused solely on supporting people living with Parkinson’s to lead full and active lives.  Our skilled health team provide specialist information, education and peer support to people living with Parkinson’s, their families and healthcare professionals. To find out more go to

A Walk in the Park Geelong - raising awareness of Parkinson's

Save the date
A Walk in the Park Geelong
Sunday 1 May 2022